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their support that they've given us the years that weve been here. it is just an opportunity for us to show that we care and make sure their children get home safely. [ speaking spanish ] >> he is kind of like a neighborhood hero. >> absolutely. >> was a pillar in this community. >> their son, marcus, was born in 1998 and to the relief of joan's family, the two married in january, 2000. and this is where we would like to have used the words happily ever after but, of course, that's not why we're here. things happened. the first thing was vincent's odd disappearances. >> he would leave for three days. wouldn't say where he was going. he would come back and joannie could not question his whereabouts or who he was with or what he was doing. that behavior was extremely strange. >> they fell out of love, they divorced, they fell in love again, they had a daughter, lindsay. joannie said her brother worked very hard at this. >> joannie wanted her children to have a father. she wantedt to be husband and wife. that was her main concern, that he was really involved in the childrens' life. >> it seeme
curry. thanks for joining us. it was the kind of headline some people need to hear twice to be sure they heard it right. a mother and father, parents of 17 children, including 13 who were adopted, murdered in their own home. nine of the children, all with special needs, were in the house at the time. within days police arrested a group of suspects and established a possible motive but there could be more to this case than meets the eye. here's keith morrison. >> reporter: relief, finally. along the gulf coast and the florida panhandle the promise of sunset brought a respite from the withering humidity, the oppresive sun. it was july 9th, just past 7:00 p.m. a breeze kicked in. you could breathe again. and then the crime that stole that breath away. these images were captured by the sophisticated security system mounted outside and inside a nine-bedroom house. a home invasion in progress, a double murder about to occur, the victims a husband and wife. but not any suburban couple. this was no typical family. >> we have a child here. she's almost 2 1/2 and just started walking. it's gr
them he did. was he taking aisk? >> if you use propofol anywhere but the hospital you are rolling the dice? >> it's russian roulette. >> we know he worked to revive the singer. >> the doctor gave him cpr trying to get him to breathe on his own. >> was it an effort doomed to fail? >> you need more than cpr? or was the pop legend's death years in the making? hear what insiders tell us. >> there were several times i had to literally carry him back to his hotel room and put him in bed. >> did michael jackson have to die? and will anyone face charges? exclusive details on michael jackson inside the final hours. >> she is the person that you see that you would want to be. >> they were a gorgeous couple. >> fame, power, money. >> he was football royalty. she was expecting their first child. >> the baby was moving, and she said, come and feel my tummy. >> he felt happy. just being with her. >> then a crime that stunned the city, the beaming mother to be, gunned down in her own home. >> to see bullet holes in the floor where my sister was murdered. that was terrible. >> so full of love and
. for all of us here at nbc news, new york. for all of us here at nbc news, good night. -- captions by vitac -- www.vitac.com >>> the lottery. millions play every day hoping to win, but not really surprised when they don't. how about this for a surprise -- you have the winning ticket but someone else is claiming your cash. >> i trusted him, and that was a mistake. >> it happened to this guy, almost cheated out of more than half of a million dollars. tickets are being scanned and then winners are being scammed, and we're asking some hard questions. why would you tell somebody that a ticket was not a winner when it really was a winner? more than a scandal, it's a crime. tonight, an undercover investigation, how lucky can you get? two fragrances alternate to keep things... fresh and exciting day after day. - and not just for 30 days. - ( inhales deeply, sighs ) but for 60. it's the longest-lasting plugins ever. get freshness that won't fade away for 60 days. ahhh! with plugins lasting impressions. and yes, it's glade. s.c. johnson, a family company. so metlife removed the guesswork. combining t
-universal television >>> thank you for joining us. i'm chris hansen. millions of people buy lottery tickets every day hoping to beat the odds and take home a jackpot. someone's got to win, right? but what if you got a winning ticket and someone else is claiming the prize? an undercover investigation. you won't believe how it can happen. like they say, all you need is a dollar and a dream. ♪ i will buy you a new car >> oh, if i hit the mega jackpot, i would like to travel. >> invest some of it. >> pay off the house, debt. >> it's that dream of the lottery win that made millions of americans buy more than $60 billion worth of tickets last year. >> three, two, cue her. >> all you have to do is tch our five picks plus the mega number. ♪ i will buy you a new car >> the lottery has cleared almost $18 billion in profit. the winners get paid and the states fill their coffers, plugging strained budgets with much-needed cash for everything from education to teacher retirement funds. even programs to help compulsive gamblers. >> make me a million scratchers -- >> of course, there's a reason the state lotter
of mud. the new york daily. they were talking about us. >> at a time when the nati was grappling with the civil rights struggle and the war in vietnam, woodstock made headlines across the country. and it still resonates today. the director's cut of the documentary "woodstock" released this summer is the fastest selling concert dvd in history. why do we still care so much about woodstock? the only way to understand is to go back to 1969. the woodstock music and arts festival was organized by a group of young entrepreneurs hoping ticket sales for a mass concert could finance a recording studio they wanted to build. they would need plenty of help to make it happen. one person they turned to, a young mother, and earth mother, named lisa law. in the late 1960s, lisa and her husband tom had been traveling the west with a mobile extended family known as the hog farm commune. often stopping at mass outdoor concerts like the human be-in in san francisco and monterey pop festival. >> my husband and i had built a teepee and we would set it up at various festivals. we took care of anybody th
in that case? >> about three-quarters of a million u.s. dollars. >> how safe are vaccines? tonight, an exclusive interview with the doctor behind one of the most explosive debates in modern medicine. i wasn't sure if i would see a halo or horns coming out of your head. "a dose of controversy." good evening, everyone, and welcome to "dateline." i'm matt lauer. the last thing a new parent needs is one more thing to worry about, and this one was a doozy. a study in a respected medical journal, lansing, suggesting a possible link between a certain vaccine and autism. that study was published just over a decade ago, and despite newer studies showing no link, the debate rages on, as you probably know. what you may not know is that this entire controversy was first triggered by just one doctor, a british doctor. he has rarely spoken on television, but he recently sat down for an exclusive interview with us. nearly the entire medical establishment insists that he is wrong. is it possible he's right? he's one of the most controversial figures you probably never heard of. >> i encourage you
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with the total gym. the money we paid for the gym for years that we didn't use, we could have bought three total gyms. [laughs] >> all you have to do is use it one time to be amazed by the workout it can give you in just a few minutes. ...so, stephanie, you're a lifeguard here, right? >> i am. >> and you look like a surfer right now, doing the surfer move. >> this is definitely good for, um, my shoulders, if you're a surfer... swimming, anything, really. you know where i can really feel it is my triceps. >> and that's that area that i think every woman is always trying to firm up. >> definitely for women. >> so you never work out? >> no... no. >> you better be careful, 'cause if you don't work out, you're gonna get sore muscles real fast with this. >> oh, i'm gonna be feeling this tomorrow, for sure. >> man: do you feel it as much as your weight training, or more, less-- what's the difference? >> more. >> more? >> i'm getting tired over here. >> go around like this? >> that's the beauty of it, that's right... >> wow! >> with the elbows slightly bent... >> o.k. >> and you're gonna... "hug the tre
, it makes no sense to disappoint the nations that are counting on us most. if you care about lifting developing nations out of poverty, you cannot deny them access to the world's greatest engine of economic growth. if you are truly optimistic about our country's future, there is no reason to wall our nation off from the opportunities of the world. >> and as always, when speaking before the ushcc, the president relished the opportunity to practice his spanish. >> gracias. [applause] thank you. sienta se. [laughter] gracias, mi amigo david. thank you for having me back yet again to speak. this is an opportunity de practicar mi espaÑol. of course, a lot of people say i ought to be spending more time practicing my english. >> president bush has publicly endorsed john mccain to be his successor in the white house. in election 2004, george w. bush won 40% of the latino vote. >> the hispanic vote has become so significant that baltimore's prestigious johns hopkins university has launched an advanced studies program called the hispanic voter project. when we return, we will have a preview o
. >> young, hip, smart, and in trouble. arrested for drugs. then, police made her an offer. >> you help us, we'll get you out of trouble. >> go undercover as a drug informant in a secret sting. >> the cops assed her everything was going to be okay. >> but okay it wasn't. when the deal went down, things went bad. >> that was the last anyone saw her. >> this was no crusading cops show, this was real. >> your daughter is missing. >> where was rachel and where were the police sworn to protect her. she cried out for help and nobody was there to hear her. her family learns the harrowing truth. >> we were just outraged. >> i'm going to keep your spirit alive. >> and fights for their only child. >> no family should ever have to suffer this kind of pain. "deadly dealing." >> they were the final moments with her young son. >> she said i love you, mom. >> i love you too. >> his body later found in the river. had he found trouble while fishing? she didn't buy it. >> i knew that who ever did this, i had trusted my son with. >>he didn't either. >> first thing you took was your fishing pole. he didn't. >
you happily watched from the stands or a comfortable chair. >> mom would go with us to go fishing, but she had a lawn chair and a book. how close is the parking lot to the lake? >> reporter: nancy was the kind of mom who kept meticulous scrapbooks. there are all the holidays and the fun vacations. but you won't find the event recorded there that blew a hole in their family in 2002. that's when nancy's husband todd, a wealthy probate attorney, up and left after 26 years. their oldest son, matt. >> it was horrible. it was all my dad's decision. he was done with that part of his life. >> usually upbeat, nancy was, by all accounts, slipping into a deep depression. >> she would just cry all the time. >> reporter: nancy, the caretaker, desperately needed someone to look out for her a little. so she joined a divorce recovery group at her church. and slowly the fogbank of her sadness began to lift. it was there she met a man who just maybe could dry her tears. his name was dan mason. >> she would say things like, "he's always in the middle of all the fun. he's the life of the party." >> r
. the victims? moms and their kids. >> please help us find this monster who did this to my darling daughter. >> reporter: three murders. are they related? her attacker, a jekyll and hyde. meek one moment, murderous the next. >> he is such a control freak. >> reporter: so bold that he strikes in broad daylight and his signature is eerie. handcuffs. >> he handcuffed my wrists. >> reporter: zip ties. >> and zip-tied my ankles together. >> reporter: swimming goggles. >> just hysterical. >> reporter: how many more moms might be in danger? >> it haunts me every day. >> reporter: tonight -- a new twist in the case. "terror at the mall." >>> she was a true lady. she definitely had that air about her. >> reporter: lovely, wise. she led a sophisticated life as a diplomat's life, then left it all. a leap of faith she made for love. >> it was a soap opera. people couldn't get enough. >> reporter: her new husband, mysterious. >> tattoos, rode a motorcycle. he had e-mailed her that he was this top secret fbi agent. >> reporter: he was a man of secrets and soon there was another one. his new wife had disa
-huh. >> they said you tell us. i said, i don't have an explanation. >> reporter: by the end of that day, todd's family had hired a lawyer for him. he wasn't going to be answering anymore questions without an attorney present. that only made investigators eager to ask more questions. >> well, we're always somewhat suspicious in law enforcement when someone asks for an attorney that they have something to hide. >> reporter: of course, there was someone with something to hide and something left to do. the road from harrisburg was pointing east, so many miles to go, so many other people to meet. >>> coming up -- >> another violent attack, this time in a picture-perfect town. and this one, too, seemed so personal. >> i remember looking around the room and thinking to myself, who on earth would want to hurt her? . yaz is approved for pregnancy prevention. if you choose the pill for contraception, you should know that yaz is for the treatment... of premenstrual dysphoric disorder or pmdd... and moderate acne. not for the treatment of pms or mild acne. unlike pms, symptoms of pmdd... are severe enoug
" was a great experience for me, especially because the music that was being used was cuban music in some of the pieces. being in a company where my director, um, has part of my heritage and is so interted in my culture and is so interested in bringing that to his choreography is something that is appealing to me. >> in hispanic cultures, we'll always have that extra factor of energy and show quality, and any performances that goes on, there's always that kind of factor, and he has brought it to the next level. >> i always think art is at its best when people can recognize themselves onstage, and i think that ballet should reflect the people that are in the audience, so that means that the ballet has got to reflect what today's culture is about. and it's certainly about energy and athleticism and invention and all of those really great qualities that have made our society so great. >> septime webre continues to make wonderful things happen and is a big part of the new image for washington, d.c.. a city that is full of leaders, webre with his maverick flair and can-do attitude has quickly
. e can't te me 's inain because he used to beble to sak b he n't spk anyme. i thought, where is the lic in th? why shou a cld with ati ha chnic bowl pain and diarra? >>nd asyou set aboutrying to answer thatquestion, what stage, or was there a ment where a light bulb we of >> i tinkherewa afer tha ll cam i receed a multituofalls telling exactlt same story. >> over the cour ofheext yea wakefie's te examined 12autistic children,nd wat eyound stunned them. of the ildr had what appearedo be a mysteris new bowel disse. a subtleinflammio but it was al and itas there. but wh concned dr. wakeeldas wt mo of tparent told m,that the symptoms of tism, tnbo disea, h both comeithi weeks after their children we vaccinat with the mmr, a combinatn sh given to event measlesmuches, and rubella. sompeop mit have look a that evidece ofnflammatn, doctor, and said cocidence, it's aunusual coindence. butou decide toook fuher to seif it was more than coindence. >>> well, if p the pentsre rig abouthis anthey say th m child disappeareafter a cce,hen weveot t take that ery, veryseriously. >> drkefield c
the phone and call now. using the abcoaster system i have lost over 5 inches in my waist and over 12 inches in my whole midsection. this bottom up motion, the whole engineering behind it, the ergonomics, it's just everything is one good package that really makes it a superior product. the abcoaster system really works. the abcoaster comes with a 30 day total satisfaction guarantee so you have nothing to lose. call or go online right now. get on the fast track to incredible abs. get on the abcoaster today. closed captioning provided by production west. www.prodwest.com >>> ahead, what looked like a model childhood. when they got older, mom and dad decided to head out, see the country. >> they went on the road. >> then a shock. dad told the kids mom met another man, she led off, a search that went nowhere. the police went into the bars, the closet. >> i didn't want to face what was in that box. >> what secrets would it hold about a marriage, maybe even a murder? >> he said, i had nothing to do with her death. it became a battle, sister against sister. one believed her father. >> my dad would
memory her father was. >> i remember growing up. i used to have this knot in my stomach because i was waiting for him to come home from work and i would look out the window to see if he was stumbling. that meant he was drinking. that meant he was angry. and that meant we were going to get beat. >>ook at the smiling photo, the idyllic childhood, the happy life. how those pictures lied, said susan. admitting what is now hardened into her recollection of the truth. >> to me, he wasn't a father. he was this evil man. >> and once her sisters were gone, said susan, s and her mother both had knots in her stomach. >> he was terrified of him. >> he hit her, too? >> mm-hmm. >> so, he was a real bully in the house? >> absolutely. >> and because they both lived in such fear of robert, susan said, the bond between her and her mother grew strong isser. >> i always felt so safe around my mom, and i always wanted to be near her. >> well, maybe not always. she was a teenager, ter all. and when her parents lost their home and hit the road, susan, then 16, chose at first to live with her sister and
are calling it the first known case of murder using the drug. first detectives thought a healthy college student died of natural causes then the medical examiner discovered one crucial thing, a tiny pin rick in her arm. >> reporter: college attracts kids full of fire ready to change the world. there is idealism and there is michelle herndon. >> she gave to the world, a lot of fun. >> she had a fascination with apes. she worked at a prime ate sanctuary. >> she want to a homeless shelter. i have seen her get out of the vehicle in the middle of a target parking lot because someone threw a cup in the parking lot. and she was so irate. she told him, young man, college student like her. there is a trash right there. would it have killed you? that's what she said. >> reporter: for michelle it was simple, we are all custodians of our planet and of everything on it. >> she was a caretaker, yes, of people, of things, of animals. >> reporter: of everything. >> she scald me on the way to work i am going to be late for work i'm going to get in trouble. why? a squirrel, i found it in the rode. it has
that look served us well for many years. but after almost a decade, we decided to update things a bit. our graphics and music received an overhaul to give the show a cleaner, more modern look. and as we've already mentioned, our new web site, hispanicstoday.com is more interactive, and features an archive of past shows. what remains the same is our mission: bringing you stories on the best and brightest our culture has to offer. that will never change. and our studios are still located just down the street from the white house in washington, d.c. "hispanics today" will be right back. hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today. [music] we hope you like our new look. our producers across e country are alwa
collection. you think that .38 was in the nightstand drawer. and you think that's the gun that was used to kill adam. >> yeah, certainly fits. >> reporter: grace was taken to the hospital where she spoke with a social worker. >> she said that, when adam came home, that there was yelling, and that there was hitting and shoving. >> reporter: police believe she then left the house, drove off in her car, and later took all that aspirin because, according to the social worker, grace said there was no other way out. >> she made the suicide attempt because her situation was hopeless. >> reporter: police had their theory -- grace had learned of the affair, spent the day drinking, and then killed her husband when he came home to pack up and leave her. then, alone, depressed, and guilty, she tried to commit suicide. grace pianka was arrested and charged with second-degree murder for killing her husband adam. friend randy thompson said there had been some signs of problems in adam and grace's marriage, but he never imagined a situation like this. he never mentioned to you that he was having an aff
your bladder, you should not take tovi. toviaz can cause blurred vision and drowsiness so use caution when driving or doing unsafe tasks. the most common side effects are dry mouth and constipation. today, laura decided it was time she learned how to show that bladder who's boss. talk to your doctor and ask if toviaz is right for you. >> reporter: the honeymooners, jennifer and george, had booked heelves on snazzy state of the art cruise ship, a floating five- star hotel with round-the-clock diversions. up on deck seven, illinois teenager emilie rausch and her sister, cruising with their mom, were thrilled with the view out their balcony. emilie had a brand new camera and was eager to try it out. >> i got that camera as a present right before we left for our cruise >> reporter: emilie's family had booked the vacation as a college graduation present for her sister. that made them typical passengers on this mediterranean run. this particular line of ship was designed with active families in mind, more than the sedate retirees, maybe, of the cruise ship stereotype. up on deck 9, clete hy
to go back though to the weather. we used to work quarterbacks out and i'd take a jug of water and i'll pour water on that football. i want to check your hand, see if you can throw in poor conditions. sanchez had one of the bigger hands at the combine. i don't foresee it being a problem. it will be new to them. >>on: a lot of coaches take a big bucket of water. see if you n handle that wet ball. >> mike: another good kick by cook. very solid kicker. 47 yards. returns it up the middle. into raven terrory. for the third time in the third quarter, the jets take over baltimore territory. trailing by four. at some restaurants when you get boneless wings... what are you really paying for? whoa! ha ha! i say "happy," you say "birthday!" happy... birthday! who's hungry? why pay for flair when you can get all the flavor for just $3.99 with wendy's new boneless wings. tender, juicy chicken, hand tossed in our signature buffalo or bbq sauce. it's waaaay better than fast food. it's wendy's. >> mike: jetslimbing back in this gam 21-17. second preseason game for bth tems. that's greg madison. he's
. >> there was a person standing there. i had moved into the kitchen. they hit a car downstairs and could they use the phone and with that people burst into the apartment. >> forced to the floor, patty was gagged will her fiance was beaten with a wine bottle. >> they started firing machine guns. i was blindfolded. i could hear the neighbors screaming. >> stuffed into the trunk of a car, patty hearst was b whisked away. >> i was only spoken to occasionally. i was questioned by them continually. >> for randolph hearst, owner of "the san francisco examiner" questions were to become routine. >> we don't know who they are or when we'll hear from them. >> a few days later they did. a tape recording was dropped off at a local radio station. >> mom, dad, i'm okay. i had a few scrapes and stuff and they washed them up. i think it was a way of confirming that i was alive. i'm with a combat unit that's armed with automatic weapons and and there's no way i will be released until they let me go. >> the next voice was that of a man who called himself general field marshall sin q. >> whatever happens to your dau
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